Dear Multimedia Community,

This year we published an edited book including 11 tutorial chapters on 
topics at the heart of multimedia. These are authored by the first 
cohort of invited speakers at the inaugural 2015 SIGMM Rising Star 
workshop in Australia.  I hope this is useful as education and 
introductory research materials for our community.  Royalty income for 
the editor share will be donated to SIGMM.

Best regards,



Frontiers of Multimedia Research
edited by Shih-Fu Chang
Published by ACM and Morgan & Claypool, 2018.

book available at


Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Deep Learning for Video Classification and Captioning
Chapter 2 Audition for Multimedia Computing
Chapter 3 Multimodal Analysis of Free-standing Conversational Groups
Chapter 4 Encrypted Domain Multimedia Content Analysis
Chapter 5 Efficient Similarity Search

Chapter 6 Social-Sensed Multimedia Computing
Chapter 7 Situation Recognition Using Multimodal Data 159
Chapter 8 Hawkes Processes for Events in Social Media
Chapter 9 Utilizing Implicit User Cues for Multimedia Analytics

Chapter 10 Multimedia Fog Computing: Minions in the Cloud and Crowd
Chapter 11 Cloud Gaming

Book Summary:

The field of multimedia is unique in offering a rich and dynamic forum 
for researchers from "traditional" fields to collaborate and develop new 
solutions and knowledge that transcend the boundaries of individual 
disciplines. Despite the prolific research activities and outcomes, 
however, few efforts have been made to develop books that serve as an 
introduction to the rich spectrum of topics covered by this broad field. 
A few books are available that either focus on specific subfields or 
basic background in multimedia. Tutorial-style materials covering the 
active topics being pursued by the leading researchers at frontiers of 
the field are currently lacking.

In 2015, ACM SIGMM, the special interest group on multimedia, launched a 
new initiative to address this void by selecting and inviting 12 
rising-star speakers from different subfields of multimedia research to 
deliver plenary tutorial-style talks at the ACM Multimedia conference 
for 2015. Each speaker discussed the challenges and state-of-the-art 
developments of their prospective research areas in a general manner to 
the broad community. The covered topics were comprehensive, including 
multimedia content understanding, multimodal human-human and 
human-computer interaction, multimedia social media, and multimedia 
system architecture and deployment.

Following the very positive responses to these talks, the speakers were 
invited to expand the content covered in their talks into chapters that 
can be used as reference material for researchers, students, and 
practitioners. Each chapter discusses the problems, technical 
challenges, state-of-the-art approaches and performances, open issues, 
and promising direction for future work. Collectively, the chapters 
provide an excellent sampling of major topics addressed by the community 
as a whole. This book, capturing some of the outcomes of such efforts, 
is well positioned to fill the aforementioned needs in providing 
tutorial-style reference materials for frontier topics in multimedia.