Hi everyone,

SIG III is running a silent auction at this year's Annual Meeting to fundraise in support of SIG initiatives. All proceeds from the auction will go towards purchasing ASIS&T memberships for researchers and practitioners in developing countries.

This is a yearly event and has a huge impact on our community but to make it happen, we need your help! 

We are looking for donations of small, portable, items such as:

Please reply to this email if you would like to contribute one or more items. 

All donations can be dropped off at the Annual Meeting before 5pm on November 12th (the auction begins at 8pm that day). Alternately we can arrange a pickup with you during the Annual Meeting, before the auction.

Thank you.

Hassan Zamir, PhD
Lecturer, iSchool
Dominican University, USA
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-- Timothy D Bowman

Assistant Professor, SIS

Wayne State University

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