Dear PODC community,

I have two postdoctoral positions available in my group. 
Feel free to forward to potential candidates — details are below.

best regards
Etienne Riveire


Two post-doctoral research associate positions on innovative middleware for
high-assurance cloud applications in geographically distributed infrastructures.

-> 2 postdoc positions in Cloud and Large Scale Systems team @ UCLouvain
-> In a top research university in Belgium, just south of Brussels
-> Starting date 1/6/2019 or earlier
-> Both positions fully funded for up to two years
-> Topics: distributed systems, cloud platforms, microservices, adaptation
-> Please forward to potential candidates!

We invite applications for two fully-funded post-doctoral research associate
positions at UCLouvain, Belgium. Both positions are for a duration of 2 years.

Context and objectives

Cloud infrastructures are undergoing an evolution from single-site data centers
to a more distributed and heterogeneous infrastructure spanning multiple sites.
We see the advent of novel micro data-centers and resources hosted closer to
the edge of the network, complementing core data centers. There are multiple
advantages to using these infrastructure. However, building applications that
can leverage geographical spread and proximity to end users is a challenging
task for application developers. This is particularly true when deployment
conditions and workloads may change over time.

The objective of the research will be to enable efficient support of
applications and their dynamic adaptation in multi-site cloud infrastructures.
The research will target three complementary goals:
- A first goal will be to offer novel storage services for cloud applications,
 enabling decoupled state management and guaranteeing consistency.
- A second goal will be to allow the monitoring and adaptation at runtime of
 applications, allowing automated and transparent placement and scaling.
- A third goal will be to build the support middleware allowing the
 orchestration and communication of distributed applications constituents,
 based on event-centric and content-based communication.
The research will target modern cloud programming paradigms, and
in particular micro-services paired with managed storage and communication

The two postdoc associates roles will be as follows:

Position 1. State management and dynamic placement

 Your goal will be to develop distributed data management solutions based on
 existing cloud storage systems, allowing application programmers to access
 application state in a decoupled and consistent manner, and to design runtime
 mechanisms allowing automated decisions on placement and scaling of
 micro-services and their state.

 Keywords: Cloud storage, Elasticity, Adaptation

Position 2. Support middleware for multi-site applications.

 Your goal will be to design the cloud communication mechanisms for the
 orchestration of multi-site cloud applications based on efficient and
 dependable event-based communication, and the application of principles from
 domain-driven engineering adapted to micro-services applications (e.g. event

 Keywords: Cloud communication, Event-based systems, Dependability

Each postdoc will be in charge of leading and implementing the scientific
aspects of her/his research objectives. It is also expected that the two
postdocs collaborate, on common research but also for the construction and
maintenance of open-source software artifacts. Research may also involve PhD
and Masters students working together with the postdocs.

Working conditions

UCLouvain (Université catholique de Louvain) is a top-ranked research
university in Belgium. The post-doctoral research associates will be integrated
to the ICTEAM research institute and its INGI computer science department. INGI
features 10 professors and more than 40 researchers active in various domains
including cloud computing, networking, distributed systems, or security.

The working place will be Louvain-la-Neuve, a one-of-its-kind city and
university campus located just south of Brussels, and home to more than 20.000
students. The two positions are funded by the Belgian/Wallonia research funding
agency (FNRS) in the context of the DAPOCA fundamental research project.

Salaries includes full medical insurance and are highly competitive at the
European level. They will take into account past experience of the research

Expected profiles

We are looking for candidates with research interests and expertise in a
combination of distributed systems, middleware, cloud computing and data

The candidates will be expected to have significant experience in developing
distributed software and running large-scale evaluations. They should master
state-of-the-art tools for software development and collaboration. Evidence of
significant contribution to (open source) software is a clear plus.

Applicants must have a PhD in Computer Science at the time they start the
position, be fluent in English, have good abilities to work in an international
setting. French is not a requirement for the positions, but support will be
given should a candidate would want to learn the language.

Selected candidates should commit to be available to travel to conferences
worldwide to present research results, and participate to collective activities
of the lab, which may include moderate teaching assistantship.

Application details

Both positions are expected to start on June 1, 2019 or earlier.

The call is open from January 25, 2019. Candidates screening and interviews (on
Skype) will start from March 1, 2019. The positions will remain open until the
appropriate candidates are selected.

Interested and potential candidates are warmly encouraged to contact Prof
Riviere prior to sending a full application to discuss the details and
objectives of the positions, and identify common research interests.

Applications should be submitted by e-mail to Prof Etienne Riviere
([log in to unmask]), including:
 (a) Curriculum vitae;
 (b) List of 2-3 reference persons and their e-mail addresses (we ask for
     recommendation letters ourselves: letters sent by the candidates will be
 (c) Transcripts of graduate studies and PhD reports;
 (d) Links to Masters and PhD thesis;
 (e) List of publications and links to PDF (not behind a paywall). Please send
     both a comprehensive list of publications as well as the list of up to
     three ones that you consider the most important. For each of these
     important publications, give the detail of your personal contribution and
 (f) Links to examples of personal software contributions.

All documents must be sent in pdf format.


Prof Etienne Riviere
Cloud and Large Scale Computing Group