I’m looking to host a post-doctoral researcher with my group (https://ndal.ethz.ch/) at ETH Zürich. We are working on many exciting networking topics, including new problems in the context of “New Space” satellite networking, speeding up the Internet, and broadly, the design and analysis of network protocols and algorithms. Our main publication venues are NSDI, SIGCOMM, and CoNEXT.

The ideal candidate will collaborate towards producing high-impact scientific publications, which can be leveraged towards a future top-tier faculty or research position. Thus, the main requirement is a strong research track record during the PhD. The candidate should commit at least 1 year, starting in Summer or Autumn 2019, but can stay up to 5 years.

ETH Zürich is typically listed among the top 10 places for Computer Science globally. The salaries are among the best across the World, and allow full enjoyment of Zürich’s high quality of life and recreational avenues.

To apply, please email your CV to [log in to unmask].

Thanks and best,
Ankit Singla
ETH Zürich