Dear Paola, 

I guess it’s not us who can decide on this. Maybe Natasa should talk with ACM board to ask about wire transfer. 

Because I know it from another conference, it’s a big deal. Someone should open an account, share the iban/swift whatever and control/check everything. Also, there is a problem with giving invoice too when its wire transfer. 


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On 5 Jun 2019, at 13:39, Paola Velardi <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Dear Rukye, dear Ruth

whatever you decided, it is a great, great problem not allowing wire tranfers. As I said (and as also pointed out in the mail you just received), this would prevent many organizations from paying the subscription to the participants. 

You may require credit card or Paypal ONLY during the conference days (and this was my understanding  so far), but not also for pre-payed registrations!

Please do what you can to change this. We can also ask Consulta Umbria to handle wire tranfers, this would be perfectly ok for us. 

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