July 23, 2019


Dear Dr. Yusubov,


It is our pleasure to inform that your proposal to host the ACM Celebration
of Women in Computing: womENcourage 2020 at the ADA University in Baku
Azerbaijan has been ranked as the first choice by the womENcourage Steering


We are impressed with the quality of your proposal and wish to thank you for
the care and the effort you put in preparing the proposal. We were
particularly pleased that you have secured the support of the Azerbaijan
Board of Tourism who will be able to assist with contacting supporters and
raising funds for the Celebration.  


We would be pleased to proceed with finalizing the ACM agreement for hosting
womENcourage 2020 at the ADA University.  The Steering Committee would like
to meet on Skype with the Organizing Committee to confirm details of the
event, specifically to finalize dates of the event and to discuss the
required ACM policies and procedures listed in the attached document.


We would like to announce womENcourage 2020 at the womENcourage 2019
Celebration in Rome on September 18, 2019. It is expected for at least one
representative from the Organizing Committee to attend the last day of the
womENcourage 2019 Celebration and give a 5-10 min presentation on the
upcoming womENcourage 2020 Celebration, inviting the community to attend.


Congratulations again on your successful proposal. We look forward to
working with you to make womECourage 2020 a great success.


Best regards,

Bev Bachmayer

Chair, womENcourage Steering Committee