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I am travelling to France tomorrow and will not be able to join the call.


If there are any issues that require my input, I am happy to follow up via email; just send me an email and I will respond later in the day.

Below are several things on my mind. Let me know your thoughts.

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womENcourage SC


Plans for the closing ceremony at womENcourage 2019

-          Who will be working with the organizers to finalize the schedule/plans for the Closing Ceremony?

o   The key is to decide first what you would ideally like to happen. Then negotiate the schedule/time.

-          Tiziana and Paola are expecting for me as Chair of ACM-WE to be involved at the beginning and the end of the event. I would like the SC team to have visibility at the conference and thus would like to coordinate with you.

o   Who would like to present on womENcourage conference and introduce the new organizers?

o   I can speak about ACM-WE in general and you can cover womENcourage in particular.


Expansion of SC

-          How many new members of the SC Committee need to be recruited?

In my mind, I am going through the major roles that need to be covered. However, I do not have the full view of what is required. So, there may be need for more.

o   I would expect that Dorota and Rukiye would be candidate for hackathon/events and registration, respectively. Lipika, who help with posters in the past, may also be interested.

o   It would be good to recruit people from this year organizing committee who were effective in assisting with the event.

o   I also expect that three additional roles will be needed: EC Chair or Treasurer to assist with the budget, Communication/outreach liaison (e.g., Alexandra), and Sponsors & Partnership liaison (e.g., Olja)


womENcourage 2019 wrap up

-          What you planned as a wrap-up process with womENcourage 2019. I anticipate a number of items

o   Follow up PR/social media communication (to be coordinated with the Outreach team)

o   Archiving of the Web site

o   Storage/archiving of photos

o   Selection of photos for social media and marketing material

o   Reports for sponsors.


SC preparation for womENcourage 2020

-          What is the plan/schedule to prepare and deliver the “womENcourage package” to the new organizing team?

It might be good first to recruit new volunteers so that they can assist as well as become acquainted with the full process. I expect that the ‘package’ would need to include

o   New Web site – copy of womENcourage template

o   Budget template (with explanations) and example from previous years

o   Procedure for engaging sponsors and information of who is doing what (i.e., what SC needs to do, with HQ and what the organizers need to do). Templates for emails would be useful

o   Guidelines on the main aspects of the event organization

§  Logo

§  Social media practices

§  Planning and alignment of social media with deadlines,

§  etc.

-          The key task is to turn lessons learnt into effective guidelines that are easy to understand by a new team.

o   Who will work on the guidelines document?

Again, this would be a good task to include new members on. They can provide input/assist in making the document easy to understand for new people who are not familiar with the event.



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Reminder that we have a SC meeting scheduled for Monday at 13:00.


Agenda can be found



Bev Bachmayer

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