Hi Bev,

Reducing the number of questions is a very good attempt.

I would suggest to separate <the best> and <needs improvement> to different questions.

Thanks and best regards.


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Hi Everyone,


I have made some major changes for 2019,  see the changes here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x0v-r5PMMLpYzuWaOwGzAKhJfV184pxMhI3woADTCro/edit


Note,  I am working to significantly reduce the number of question for the entire event.  My goal is 10 questions total which will give us some insight as to the effectiveness of the event.

Knowing that our goal is to provide women with role models, networking opportunities  and revive their commitment to the career (please let me know if this is wrong).  I am trying to focus the questions on whether we meet those goals.


We can send session surveys for all the workshops,  hackathon.  A separate survey for the career fair to both attendees and the supporters.   I am also sure that we can add session surveys of three questions for each of the keynotes and the panels.  These I would have a request at the end of each session to fill out online.  These will have three questions:




Please provide me with ideas and comments,  and suggestions.





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Dear Bev,

The surveys are very exhaustive to cover everything. Good to obtain lot of information, but hard to answer.

Maybe we can simplify a bit the attendees form (15 pages). There is a lot of questions about comments. I know that they are optional, but they contribute to give the impression that the survey is very long. For instance, instead of having comments for every aspect of pre-event, we can have just one comment question at the end of pre-event section.

Any item of the program has a question on evaluation and a question about comments. Maybe questions can be asked in a more global way just to reduce the number of questions and the length of the survey.

Regarding the mandatory questions, I'm not sure how the system will control (if the system does it) that  a question if mandatory only if you have answered yes in a previous question (this it the case for the workshops, for instance).

Also, in some mandatory questions we should add the option "not attended". Maybe a participant doesn't assist to a keynote speech for any reason and he/she is forced to answer about the quality of the speech.

Anyway we should take in mind that answering the attendees survey will take some time, more than 5 minutes. We need to give enough time to the participants before preparing the prize draw list.

Thanks for preparing all the forms !

Kind regards



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I uploaded the current questions for all three surveys to the drive here 



Additionally, I added the few questions from my cvent survey below.  I think these are critical to measure the value of the event.




·        stions

·        Survey Settings

How likely are you to recommend womENcourage to a friend or colleague?

·         Yes I would recommend

·         No I would not recommend

Are you willing to attend womENcourage in the future?

·         Yes, excited to attend

·         Yes, I would like to

·         No

·         I am not sure



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