I think we should put that they should only fill out what they attended.  And put a NA option on each one.




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Subject: Re: Update to the evaluations




Regarding the raffles, I can identify only the people that completed all the surveys and only consider those. (of course they should put their name in as well) 


This way we can try to make people complete all the 3 days and not just one day. I believe we still have a bit too much, because we ask for questions about every session and people might not have attended. But it's ok I guess, the questions will be optional. We will go with whatever approach you think is best. 




Alexandra Cristina Dediu 



On Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 8:56 AM Bev Bachmayer <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

My thought is that each survey can be filled once,  and one raffle number for each filled survey,  so the possibility is that each person receives raffle chances.


I removed the organization, logistics and such because those questions will come with the larger survey from ACM that is sent out each year. If you think we need it in addition then we can add one question.

Alexandra,  can you please add a question before number 11, which asks about organization, logistics, etc?




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Dear Bev,

There is no question on general organization, logistics, information for participants,...

Maybe just one general question grading (1-10) the conference for those aspects could be enough.

A question just before
11.    What we can improve for our future womENcourage Celebrations?
12.    What was your favorite part of the entire Celebration? 

Regarding the procedure, what is the idea:

a) each participant send his/her answers to the survey every day

b) the survey form is incremental and can be filled day by day, stored, and made the final sending the last day

Option b needs a system based on account creation and storage management

Option a is simple, but in this case: Will each participant have as many "numbers" for the raffle as submitted forms? or sending the survey for just one day,  is it enough for raffle participation?

Kind regards



El 13/09/2019 a las 7:54, Bev Bachmayer escribió:


Hi everyone,


Here is the update to the eval forms. 


Essentially I wanted to have just one survey for each day. 


So if you look at it I just rearranged the survey by the day.  We can send an email every day asking for the feedback and it will be shorter each day.

Except the last day.


Additionally I changed the career fair survey to be a participant survey,  I will send the supporters a separate survey with questions directed at them.

And each talk, panel and workshop have 3 questions.


What do you think.


Bev Bachmayer

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