Hello Bev 

That would be great, thanks! I will look at them and see whether we can put together a blog article. I should be able to get back to you tomorrow. 


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Dear Cigdem, 


We have the participant evaluations on the drive.  If you want to help with pulling it into a short blog then I am happy to work on it with you.


I am also working on the supporter feedback so we can collect from the career fair and supporters their comments.




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Subject: womENcourage-related news on social media and newsletter




To continue the good coverage we had during Rome, I would like to conclude September with participant evaluations from Rome and the announcement of womENcourage 2020 on social media. 


Could you provide a pointer to what information could we use? This would also be essential for the newsletter next month. 


Also, I remember Reyyan mentioning the womENcourage summary report? Could you let me know who is responsible for that?


Thanks for your help,