Hi Cigdem,


Thanks for all the hard work,   this is a start and I think it will work into a good article.  However,   the document I am working on is reports for the supporters,  with details on the attendees and not necessarily for a blog.


I like this article as a start but if someone did not attend it leaves them in the dark about what happened and why the comments might be relevant.  I believe we need before this blog an overview blog to tell what happened and who the attendees are.

I am not sure who will write this overview as I was most of the time at the registration desk,  I am sure though that with the summaries from the rest of the steering committee we will get it together.


Let me start that document on the drive and I will then see how your blog blends into the overview.





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I've worked on the blog for feedback: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17j5NRTjXbMP4j18TuxN-WY0qGPTwWwaRoxwq9T37NnQ/edit#

Bev, consider this as a first draft and please add to this. Natasa, I agree with your comments on finding the right tone, and I tried to give a very positive overview, plus a "we heard you and are working on it" at the end. I do not think it is very relevant to talk about air conditioning or food or etc. issues that stemmed mainly from the venue. 


As a by-product, I did go through all the feedback forms, and calculated averages, and histograms etc.

Attached is my summary of the feedback in a word document showing average scores. 

(I also attach the excel files I worked on, which all know have additional Charts sheets, which contains histograms of results, a pie-chart of popular companies etc. 

I did not work on the documents in the drive as I was going to modify them, and I did not add mine to the drive in case you do not want to see them there.)


Bev, please let me know when you feel the feedback blog story is ready so that we can publish it. 


Best regards,




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The word cloud looks great indeed.


As already discussed, it would be good to think of the collected information as ‘community feedback’ (rather than ‘evaluation’).

We are organizing events for the community and are getting input for the future.


It is a bit tricky to report the feedback publicly. Namely, the SC is processing participants’ comments directed to the outcomes of the organizers’ effort. So, we need to be sensitive about both the organizers and the community.  We have a similar situation when presenting information to the supporters. But, I am confident we will find a way to be informative and at the same time tactful and sensitive. We’ve done that well in the past.


Best regards,



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Hello Bev, Reyyan, all, 

These problems do happen. Organising events are difficult. The planned "evaluation" blog post can start with the word cloud, and then have quotes from the participants. 

For the areas where improvements were suggested, maybe we can use sth. we used to when I was working at a university:

To acknowledge the requests for improvements, we had:

You said: " " and We will: " "  or We did: ""

Maybe we can have such a thing. 

I will draft a template and share the link, and then, Bev, can you fill in the gaps?


For the newsletter article on womENcourage 2019, who should I be expecting input from? I agree with Reyyan, it would be great to have pieces written by the people attending them. If we can organise ourselves in the next few days, and I can have the names, I can coordinate that as well. I can help with the texts (editing, selecting photos, combining things together) but need sth. to start with. 


I will also ping Araz again for the announcement for 2020 in Azerbaijan. 

Best wishes, 








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Hi Cigdem,


I noticed this and on the last day I went out to eat at 1PM and the buffet was closing down even though it was opened at 12:30.  I asked the chef what is going on and he said he served 300 people,  well there were not 300 people there on that day.

So he just shut down early and that was the problem.


I think it is a good lessons learned that we have to make sure that when the lunch opens that there is food for everyone.  Even if it is pizza or something inexpensive.  I know Ruth did not have any lunch because she was tied up in a workshop.


Even so the word cloud is fabulous and I love it.  Thanks so very much.




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I've taken a look at the feedback, and I think for a blog post, we would need to deeper analysis, and have a section on what we could improve on. 

There are some very positive and also negative comments on organisation, conflicting remarks about "great food" and "not enough food" etc. 

But, I pulled the comments, normalised the text, and did a wordcloud (Attached) which I am happy to share on social media. 

As I said, the blog post would need more work. 

What do you think?


Best regards, 



On Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 8:37 AM Cigdem Sengul <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hello Bev 


That would be great, thanks! I will look at them and see whether we can put together a blog article. I should be able to get back to you tomorrow. 





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Dear Cigdem, 


We have the participant evaluations on the drive.  If you want to help with pulling it into a short blog then I am happy to work on it with you.


I am also working on the supporter feedback so we can collect from the career fair and supporters their comments.




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To continue the good coverage we had during Rome, I would like to conclude September with participant evaluations from Rome and the announcement of womENcourage 2020 on social media. 


Could you provide a pointer to what information could we use? This would also be essential for the newsletter next month. 


Also, I remember Reyyan mentioning the womENcourage summary report? Could you let me know who is responsible for that?


Thanks for your help,