I opened a meeting doc 
and put the below items in. (I have a question: should we change the 
name of the folder for SC to Steering Committee instead of Celebrations 
Steering Committee?)
I also renamed some files as Year_Month_Day so that notes are ordered.

Looking forward talking to you.
Best wishes.

On 21.10.2019 07:42, Bev Bachmayer wrote:
> Hi,  I am on the coast of California, and I just arrived and 
> discovered the internet is very bad at this place.
> I will try to get to a place to join the  all in the morning,  but 
> have not been able to write the agenda online.
> 1.  Next meeting Nov 18th 4pm
> 2. Update on womENcourage 2019 wrap up
> 3. Finalize the Lessons learned doc
> 4. womENcourage 2020
> 5. Opens
> Hoping to talk to you in the meeting.
> Bev