Hi everyone,


We need to pull together the summary of the event for a blog for the newsletter.  As you have seen Cigdem has started the blog here.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/17j5NRTjXbMP4j18TuxN-WY0qGPTwWwaRoxwq9T37NnQ/edit#


So we need to pull together a short summary to wrap up the event in this blog.  I will work with Paola and with CVent to get the basic information going.

Reyyan and Natasa please add to the summary as you can.


I need by Monday the following:


Dorota—summary – less than 400 words of the hackathon,  that is a challenge.  Please send favorite pictures

Nuria – short summary of the poster sessions – less than 400 words.  Please send favorite pictures

Adriana--  please help me identify participants from the poster session that I can point out to SIGCHI in their report.  Additionally please work with Nuria on the poster session summary.

Ruth  -  validate all scholarships and let me know what we are paying so that I can balance the budget.


I am going through the badges that were not picked up to cross check with the scholarship money,  make sure that all people who attended are marked as participants also.


Let me know if you cannot finish this by Monday.