Dear Bev,

Thank you so much for updates, guidance and heads up.
We look forward for the teleconference on 16 December.

Many thanks,

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Subject: Lessons Learned 2019 document


Greetings from the steering committee,


I have put in your google drive our latest version of the lessons learned document.


The steering committee has updated this version for October, November and December,  and parts of January.  We will continue to collate the information to complete the months in advance of what you need the information.

You are welcome to help as we go through the next year.


Additionally,  we would like to invite you to the December 16, 2019 meeting at 16 CET (19:00 AZT).  I will send to all of you the invite.


Key points to be aware of:


1. We need a web site (best by Dec 16 meeting) ,  Alexandra can pass the information to your web administrator as soon as you are ready to get started. 

2. We need the list of chairs for the new mail list (let us know names asap)

3. We need the logo for the website.

4. We have found that it is best to have co-chairs for each position,  one local and one elsewhere in Europe.  If you need help identifying people who would be interested in being co-chairs,  let us know and we can get to work on it.  Of course you have the SC as advisors,  there is quite a bit of womENcourage experience in this team.


Read over the document and let us know if you have questions.   Looking forward to working together for another great event.


Bev and the entire Steering Committee