Thank you for your numerous replies!

If you'd still like to respond, please do so by next Monday (Nov 18).

I'll then follow up with a summary of the results next week.

As a first "meta result," from my point of view this way of getting an impression of the community's stance works better than by show of hands in business meetings. There have been 76 replies so far, a number that's not easily reached at a business meeting. Moreover, I believe that the responses are the result of more careful consideration, as discussion in business meetings is often cut short due to time constraints.

[log in to unmask]">Dear Distributed Computing Community,

I'd like to follow up on the topic of possibly moving to multiple submission deadlines per year, which was briefly mentioned at the DISC business meeting. This would address the issue that PODC and DISC deadlines are fairly close to each other, leaving a very large gap between DISC and PODC without good choices for DC submissions. In addition, this would provide more flexibility regarding when to hold the conferences. In particular, we could consider colocating DC conferences with the goal of reducing overall travel and, by extension, ecological footprint of our activities.

I suggest to first gather an impression of the range of opinions. I'll then try to summarize and, depending on the outcome, seek to moderate some discussion via this mailing list. This is meant to inform considerations of the DISC (and possibly PODC) steering committees; this mailing list is certainly not the right medium to come to any decisions.

To this effect, please take a few minutes to respond to a handful of questions:

Thank you and best regards,