Hi Araz,


The Steering committee will be happy to hear your current status at the steering committee meeting tomorrow at 16:CET and 19:00 Azerbaijani time zone.


Please come prepared to update us on the status.


The current agenda is the have Ruth to tell us about her current plans for ACM-W Europe as the new Chair. 

Second topic is your update on planning for the event.



a.              Site Visit,  Agree on Date for Site visit ----Araz please set date for site visit with the following schedules in mind. 

        1. Bev -  after 7 January is good
        2. Ruth - any time other than 14th&15th Jan; the 28th is not ideal either but I can work around it if necessary.
        3. Nuria - from 20 to 31 January  is fine
        4. Rukiye - Between 18th and 30th January (it’s my semester break)
        5. Dorota -  between 3 January - 5 February (not available in February, February will be busy for me)

b.              Obtain the list of CHAIRS & set up the mailing list 

c.              Status of logo and the website

d.              Linking the new chairs with counterparts

e.              Associate names with email 2020 celebration mailing lists



Looking forward to talking with you tomorrow.