Hello Bev,

I hope you are doing well. 
This is a bit different than what we did last year. 

If you remember, we have already generic aliases set for womENcourage - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_TQAnAIdHtlMDkTXOjExkX-bPuDTBb_2VEztidDblmE/edit
And, we just change the names in this document to represent 2020?

However, from your e-mail, I understand you would like to create new mailing lists specifically for 2020?

In either case, before we contact Marcia, we would need to inform her about which e-mail addresses would be in which mailing lists. 

If we keep our old mailing lists, could you update the addresses accordingly?
I will also make some modifications to the generic ACM-WE ones - as they still list your e-mail for some, and I would assume you would want that to be changed.  I will contact Ruth for the other changes. 

Kind regards, 


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Hi Cigdem,


Can you please give us the process for creating new mailing lists.    Thanks Bev



Email addresses  for 2020:  Stick with just the [log in to unmask]

        1. [log in to unmask] - for the committee
        2. [log in to unmask]
        3. [log in to unmask]
        4. [log in to unmask]
        5. [log in to unmask]
        6. [log in to unmask]