Hello Bev, 

Ruth has arranged to talk to me with the general ACM-W Europe mailing lists tomorrow.

For, womENcourage, I think your suggestion is good for avoiding confusion indeed. but also we would need to provide the e-mail addresses that should be registered under each mailing list. 
I can update the document we have with the new suggested mailing list names, and then tell Marcia to create those (I cannot create them, it was Marcia who created them before), 
and delete the older ones to avoid any confusion/mix-up. 

I created a new document since our changes are invasive: 

Would this work for you? Would you be able to fill the information required for womENcourage (last page)?
When is the deadline for setting these up?

Kind regards,

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Hi Cigdem,


Please ask Ruth for the ACM-WE lists.


Our goal for the mailing lists is to avoid a terrible confusion that occurred last year.  One mailing list (tutorials) was left in the website but the wrong emails were listed,  needless to say the new chairs did not receive the tutorial submissions and they were not considered for the event.  The authors never received information and we did not even know who sent anything until they came back to us. 


So we would like to require yearly directed email lists.


Please let me know what you think.




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Hello Bev,


I hope you are doing well. 

This is a bit different than what we did last year. 


If you remember, we have already generic aliases set for womENcourage - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_TQAnAIdHtlMDkTXOjExkX-bPuDTBb_2VEztidDblmE/edit

And, we just change the names in this document to represent 2020?


However, from your e-mail, I understand you would like to create new mailing lists specifically for 2020?


In either case, before we contact Marcia, we would need to inform her about which e-mail addresses would be in which mailing lists. 


If we keep our old mailing lists, could you update the addresses accordingly?

I will also make some modifications to the generic ACM-WE ones - as they still list your e-mail for some, and I would assume you would want that to be changed.  I will contact Ruth for the other changes. 


Kind regards, 





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Hi Cigdem,


Can you please give us the process for creating new mailing lists.    Thanks Bev



Email addresses  for 2020:  Stick with just the [log in to unmask]

        1. [log in to unmask] - for the committee
        2. [log in to unmask]
        3. [log in to unmask]
        4. [log in to unmask]
        5. [log in to unmask]
        6. [log in to unmask]