Dear PODC list members,

A postdoctoral research position will (probably) be available in MIT's  
Theory of Distributed Systems Group, starting in summer or fall of  
2020 and continuing for two years.  This will be on the topic of  
"Distributed Algorithms for Dynamic, Noisy Platforms:  Wireless  
Networks, Robot Swarms, and Insect Colonies".

A candidate for this position should have substantial research  
experience working on algorithms for one or more of these three  
topics, preferably in the presence of noise and change.  We expect  
that the algorithms will mostly be probabilistic, which means that a  
strong background in probabilistic modeling and analysis is essential.  
  The work will also involve simulation, and coordination with  
experimental researchers working in these three application areas.

If you are interested, please send an application to Prof. Nancy  
Lynch, [log in to unmask]

The application should include
    Your CV,
    A list of your publications,
    A statement of your research interests and goals, and
    Contact information for three research references.

Deadline:  February 29, 2020.