Hi again all.

Sorry for the spam,  I somehow sent the email prior to finishing it.  
Congratulations for securing the 11000 for womENcourage funding. 

1. I put the budget template in the correct folder now,  you can find it in the Budget Directory.
2. I sent an email to Alexandra requesting help for the website.
3. I will confirm the dates and the number of attendees in the meeting today.  Can you please let me know if any of the organizing team plan to attend? 


On Fri, 17 Jan 2020 at 18:13, Araz Yusubov <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear Bev,

Thanks for keeping your eye on this - we need to activate the inception and finalize planning.

Several kind notes from my end:
  1. Last time I checked the Excel file (?) with ACM template for budget was not in shared folder
  2. We did not get credentials for official website yet
  3. What are the final dates for Site Visit - 22-23 February?
  4. Just today we secured 20,000 AZN = 11,765 USD local sponsorship for the womENcourage 2020 from PASA Bank.

Manny thanks,

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Subject: Reminder of Meeting on Monday 20th January 16 CET


Hi Organizing team


The steering committee monthly meeting is on Monday the 21st at 16 CET.


It would be nice if we could have an update on the status of the organizing team.


I have not seen an invite for the organizing team meeting,  would like to know when it will occur and to get an update on the timeline and program plans.


Thanks so much



Bev Bachmayer

Chair womENcourage Steering Committee