Final reminder: The deadline for submissions to the SIGCSE 2020 Pre-Symposium Event on Liberal Arts Computing Curricula is this Friday. Please submit your innovative curricular models, challenges, and opportunities, as described below, via email to me or via GitHub pull request. You can also email me without a submission to indicate your interest in attending. We look forward to a lively and inspiring discussion!

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Liberal Arts Computing Curricula: Innovations, Challenges, and Opportunities

Organized by members of the SIGCSE Committee on Computing Education in Liberal Arts Colleges, this pre-Symposium event will let us share and learn about curricular innovations, challenges, and opportunities particular to our liberal arts settings.

The event will include participant presentations, group discussions and breakout sessions organized around submitted topics (See Call for Participation below). A short business meeting will provide opportunity to shape future Committee activity in support of the liberal arts computing education community. Optional dinner groups will be organized to provide opportunity for further networking.

All interested faculty and students are welcome.

There is no cost to participants. However, all participants must respond to the Call for Participation in one of the three forms described below. We anticipate being able to invite everyone who expresses interest. However, in the unlikely event that our venue cannot accommodate everyone, attendees will be selected giving first priority to those presenting examples or challenges and then reviewing attendance applications to achieve representation from a broad range of institutions.

Event Information

  • Pre-Symposium Event at SIGCSE 2020

  • Wednesday March 11, 2020
    1:30pm - 4:30pm
    4:30pm - Additional optional events (see schedule below)

  • Portland at Convention Center
    329 NE Couch St.
    Portland, OR 97232

Important Dates:

  • January 10, 2020 - Submissions Due
  • January 24, 2020 - Notifications of acceptances, breakout topics and speaker invitations.
    • Note: SIGCSE Early Registration ends January 29.
  • March 11, 2020 - Pre-Symposium Event at SIGCSE

Call for Participation:

The program committee invites three types of submissions for the pre-symposium event. Submission of one of the three types is required for participation in the event. Participants are welcome to make multiple submissions.

  1. Innovative Curricular Models for Computing Education in the Liberal Arts: A brief (approximately 2-page) description of the curricular model of your liberal arts computing program.

    Please see the Curriculum Submission Template and the samples (Dickinson CollegeWhitman College). Submissions will be lightly screened by the program committee for suitability and will be made available to the community through this site. In addition, the program committee will invite some authors to present their models during the event.

    Submissions describing models that are particularly innovative, or that leverage particular opportunities and/or challenges presented by the liberal arts context, and/or show potential for broadening participation in computing are encouraged. In addition, models containing elements that show promise for adaptation/adoption across institutions will be given preference.

  2. Challenges, Opportunities and Organizational Direction: A short (approximately 1-paragraph) description of a topic for discussion.

    Please see the Challenges Submission Template and the samples (Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining FacultyWide Ranging Student Backgrounds). Submissions will be lightly screened by the program committee for suitability and will be made available to the community through this site. In addition, the program committee will use submissions in this category, in conjunction with topics highlighted in the Committee’s Inroads report, to select 5-6 topics of broad interest as foci for the breakout discussion groups.

    Submissions identifying specific challenges and opportunities presented by teaching computing in a liberal arts setting are encouraged. Submissions proposing particular future directions and initiatives for the SIGCSE Committee on Computing Education in Liberal Arts Colleges are also welcome.

  3. Attendee: An e-mail expressing interest in attending and participating in the event without making a submission in either of the other two categories.

Submission Process:

Submissions may be made in one of two ways:

  • E-Mail:

    1. Write your submission in a a MS Word, rich text or plain text document. See the submission template for Curriculum or Challenges.
    2. E-mail [log in to unmask] with a zip file containing your submission and any images or other supporting files. The Program Committee will add your submission to the repository.
    3. If you wish to make more than one submission, please submit a separate zip file for each submission.
  • GitHub Pull Request: If you are comfortable with git and GitHub submissions may be made via GitHub pull requests.

    1. Fork the Computing in the Liberal Arts SICSE2020 Pre-Symposium Event Repository.
    2. Create a branch for your submission.
    3. Add a sub-directory for your submission to the appropriate directory (curricula or challenges).
    4. Populate your sub-directory with the materials for your submission. Please use a file named for the text of your submission and copy any images or other supporting materials into your sub-directory. Pattern your text on the Curriculum or the Challenges template.
    5. Create a pull request for your branch.
    6. If you wish to make more than one submission, please create a separate pull request for each submission.

Those interested in attending without submission should simply simply send an e-mail to [log in to unmask] expressing your interest in participating in the event.

Post Event Report

The Program Committee intends to collaborate with interested authors of submitted curricular models and discussion topics to edit a collaborative event report. This report will be posted to this repository and submitted to a peer reviewed venue for publication (e.g. SIGCSE Bulletin).


  • Grant Braught, Dickinson College
  • Janet Davis, Whitman College

Program Committee

  • Grant Braught, Dickinson College
  • Douglas Baldwin, SUNY Geneseo
  • Janet Davis, Whitman College
  • Amanda Holland-Minkley, Washington & Jefferson College
  • Henry Walker, Grinnell College

Janet Davis (she/her or they/them)
Associate Professor and Microsoft Chair of Computer Science, Whitman College 
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