My name is Vitaly Aksenov and I am Hydra 2020 program committee member and researcher at ITMO University. 

I wanted to invite you to participate in our conference Hydra 2020. However, this is not the standard conference with proceedings. At this conference you can share with your results for 60 minutes. To apply, please, visit the following link: https://hydraconf.com/callforpapers/.


Acclaimed experts like Leslie LamportMichael ScottMaurice HerlihyCliff ClickMartin KleppmannHeidi HowardAlex PetrovDmitry Vyukov have already given their talks on Hydra 2019. I suppose you are familiar with many of them.


Hydra is a conference on parallel and distributed systems and computing. Some information about the conference:


Direct link to Hydra website: https://hydraconf.com/#about

(the information on a website is a bit outdated, we originally planned to hold Hydra 2020 in Moscow)


Martin Kleppmann, Nir Shavit, Cindy Sridharan, Michael Scott are going to be our speakers this year and that’s just the beginning:



Our team will do everything possible to make your participation (and other speakers' participation) not like a regular webinar, but something more interesting. We are currently working on various formats.


I would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Vitaly Aksenov