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I don't think that we made a final decision so we must send the same message to both. We can say that we recommend that you consider a national event for now and to keep working on your proposal for the next available date. We should also add a statement indicating that Azerbaijan may host the next physical event.


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Hi everyone,


I have put the two call responses into the call folder here https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1AaPHhR_rMYy5ULPgiMtSKH72Pups0wUZ


My suggestion at this point is to send both an email and ask them to continue working on their proposals with the full call documents.  We need to inform Prague, that  if Araz would like to hold next year,  we might need to push thiers out to 2022.

We can plan with the Nigeria team for a Africa wide event next year.


Let me know what you think.