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AFT 2020 -- Announcement and Call for Papers

Second ACM conference on Advances in Financial Technologies
October 21-23 2019, Zurich, Switzerland

The second ACM conference on Advances in Financial Technologies (AFT’20) will present the latest developments in technologies related to novel financial infrastructure such as cryptocurrencies and their applications, blockchains, and exchanges.
Papers may present advances in the theory, design, implementation, analysis, verification, or empirical evaluation and measurement of relevant systems.

Submission deadline: June 11 2020
Author notification: Aug 6 2020
Conference: 21-23 October 2020

We solicit previously unpublished papers offering novel research contributions, including Systemization of Knowledge (SoK) papers.  Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Blockchains and blockchain technologies
Consensus protocols
Permissioned blockchains
High-performance transaction processing
Centralized and decentralized exchanges
Threat models and attacks
Client and network security
Security analysis of operational systems
Custody solutions
Anonymity and privacy
Metrics, measurements, and network forensics
Proof-of-work, -stake, -burn, and alternatives
Smart contracts and applications
Smart contract security: formal analysis, correct by design, security frameworks
Scalability issues and solutions
User studies
Technical repercussions of economic, legal, ethical, regulatory, and societal aspects
Transaction graph analysis
Financial markets
Relationship to traditional payment systems
Fraud detection and financial crime prevention
Case studies (e.g., of adoption, attacks, forks, scams, etc.)
Applications of blockchain and cryptocurrencies
Censorship resistance
Quantum-resistant cryptography, quantum algorithms and quantum cryptography in financial technologies
Hardware to aid financial technologies

Publication and Presentation
Authors are responsible for obtaining appropriate publication clearances. One of the authors of the accepted paper is expected to present the paper during the conference, although we are happy to accommodate remote presentations.

Program Committee
Sarah Meiklejohn (co-chair) UCL
abhi shelat (co-chair) Northeastern University
Artem Barger IBM Research Haifa
Rainer Böhme University of Innsbruck
Joseph Bonneau New York University
Stefan Dziembowski University of Warsaw
Philipp Jovanovic UCL
Jiasun Li George Mason University
Patrick McCorry AnyDot
Andrew Miller UIUC
Tal Moran IDC Herziliya
Ling Ren UIUC
Tim Roughgarden Columbia
Kazue Sako Waseda Univ.
Alessandra Scafuro NCSU
Marie Vasek UCL
Roger Wattenhofer ETH Zurich
Matt Weinberg Princeton
Jiangshan Yu Monash University
Aviv Zohar The Hebrew University
Steering Committee
Ittai Abraham, VMware research
Dan Boneh, Stanford University
Christian Cachin, University of Bern
Ittay Eyal, Technion
Maurice Herlihy, Brown University
Satoshi Nakamoto (pending confirmation)
Maureen O’Hara, Cornell University
Tim Roughgarden, Columbia University
Eli Ben Sasson, Technion
Emin Gun Sirer, Cornell University

Contact Information
For comments and questions please email [log in to unmask]