Dear Bev,

Thanks for your time and work.

I have added two comments and a new sentence (in blue) to the letter on 

I have other comments that you could decide to include:

1) Capacity of the break-out rooms when divided: is it the half of the 
total or less than that?

2) Food and beverage should be well calculated, specially during the 


3) What is the cost of the partner (GUARANT international)? Marketing 
and Communication (3,724 euros) and Conference Management (7,040 euros) ????

4) The cost of the celebration dinner (6,902 euros): is it the same for 
both locations ?

5) Remove from the budget: printing of proceedings

6) Add to the budget: shirts for scholarships recipients

  I don't understand the surplus of 184 euros. How is it calculated?

Kind regards


> Hi everyone,
> Thanks so much for your comments and suggestions today in the 
> meeting.  I really appreciate your insight and input into this.
> I have put together a letter for the proposal
> You find it here,  please comment
> Please edit questions and comments or just add your changes so I can 
> send it by end of day tomorrow.
> Looking forward to your input.  Talk to you soon.
> Bev

Ms. Dr. Nuria Castell Ariño

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