Dear Friends,

Registration set-up is done. Can you please check once
again and confirm?

I have two questions;

   1. CVENT said student id card is asking on most of the events and one of
   us should check the ids every-time a student registered. Do we really need
   this? We had never had this question before.
   2. I talked with Araz, he said Baku will not mail any shirts, and
   registrants need to come and pick up from the university. He said they
   budged 100 t-shirts and they need the sizes.. This may confuse the
   registrants but he suggests to add the question as:

Please select your t-shirt size.
There are limited number of special goodies, including T-Shirts for picking
up on the first-come basis. Do not forget that <strong>you need to pick up
goodies by yourself from ADA University.

is that fine?

Dorota, did you have the chance to check the Hackathon questions?


*Rukiye ALTIN*
*METU DFS - **ICT Teacher*
*METU - PhD Candidate*