Hi Rukiye,

I followed the registration procedure and it is fine, now. Thanks !

The only comment is that when you get the registration summary, the only options are cancel or next. If you detect some error, it is not possible to go to the previous page for corrections, so it seems you need to start a new registration.

Regarding the t-shirts, I think it is fine highlighting that you must go to Baku to get your t-shirt :-)

Kind regards


El 28/07/2020 a las 10:34, Rukiye ALTIN escribió:
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Dear Friends,

Registration set-up is done. Can you please check once again and confirm?

I have two questions;  
  1. CVENT said student id card is asking on most of the events and one of us should check the ids every-time a student registered. Do we really need this? We had never had this question before.
  2. I talked with Araz, he said Baku will not mail any shirts, and registrants need to come and pick up from the university. He said they budged 100 t-shirts and they need the sizes.. This may confuse the registrants but he suggests to add the question as: 
Please select your t-shirt size.
There are limited number of special goodies, including T-Shirts for picking up on the first-come basis. Do not forget that <strong>you need to pick up goodies by yourself from ADA University.

is that fine? 

Dorota, did you have the chance to check the Hackathon questions? 


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