32nd ACM Symposium on

Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures (SPAA 2020)

June 14-16, 2020

Online meeting via Zoom


The 32nd ACM Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures (SPAA
2020) focuses on parallel algorithms and architectures, encompassing any
computational system that can perform multiple operations or tasks

More information:


   Accepted Papers <https://spaa.acm.org/2020/Accepted-Papers.pdf>

   Conference Program <https://spaa.acm.org/2020/SPAA-Program.pdf>

   Registration (this year the registration is separated for attendees
   and authors <https://spaa.acm.org/2020/register.html>). Registration is
   FREE for attendees!


Virtual Conference Information:

Attending the virtual edition of SPAA 2020 is free of charge. Please
register here
The registration will be pending for approval upon verification of your

Summary of the conference logistics for attending:


   Videos of paper presentations will be available before the conference
   start date on the SPAA 2020 Youtube channel

   Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email that includes
   directions on how to access Zoom, Slack and Gather.

   Three Zoom live sessions will be scheduled: Tutorials, Outstanding
   papers presentations, and Business Meeting. All of them use the same Zoom
   link included in the confirmation email.

   A Slack workspace is available and an invitation will be sent to you
   shortly after completing the registration process. There will be one Slack
   channel per session. Session chairs will be available to moderate
   discussions and Q&A.

   A Gather room has been created for socializing. The link and password
   will be included in the confirmation email. We encourage attendees to meet
   in the Gather room, which will be open the entire time. The rules of Gather
   are simple; it's a spatial chat, if your avatar is close to another avatar
   (or a group of them), then your audio/video will be automatically turned on
   and you can see/hear close-proximity avatars, and vice versa.


Thanks for your attention,

Yan Gu

UC Riverside


Yan Gu
Assistant Professor,
Computer Science and Engineering Department,
University of California, Riverside