Dear all,

We are looking for two PhD students with a strong interest in algorithms and theoretical computer science. The successful candidates will be expected to conduct research in the general area of distributed algorithms. The positions are supported by the grants "Towards Communication-Efficient Distributed Algorithms" and "Algorithmic Foundations of Distributed Large-Scale Graph Processing."

The research will involve designing new distributed algorithms and mathematically analyzing their performance, as well as proving lower bounds on the time and communication complexity of distributed graph problems. One possible research direction is to investigate distributed algorithms on massive graphs. Another possibility is to focus on achieving fault-tolerance in adversarial settings (Byzantine failures, dynamic changes, etc.) and to design new scalable consensus algorithms that are useful in the context of blockchains.
Having a strong background in algorithms, theoretical computer science, or discrete mathematics is essential. Being familiar with distributed computing is helpful but not required.

Please get in touch with [log in to unmask] to discuss your application. 
Expedited admission for Fall 2020 is still possible in some cases. 

Peter Robinson

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