Dear Colleague,

The University of Rouen Normandy France has two vacancies open as soon as possible :

a) intership (must be enrolled in a university) , 6 months 

Perception of art works by visually impaired people: design & production of an informative and aesthetic accessibility tool.


b) post-doc (1 year or more) 

having theoretical and practical background in

    Computer Vision, Image processing, (multimodal) Perception (& sensing), Interaction
    Robotics (navigation, bioinspired navigation, VIO, etc.)
    Mechatronics/automation/control electronics
    AI, computer engineering, embedded systems (GPU, FPGA)


Please advertise around you two positions : thank you for your help.


Edwige Pissaloux

Présidente de la Commission de Relations Internationales
    et de la Coopération de l'Université Rouen Normandie
Membre CNU 61
Expert auprès de la Commission Européenne