Hi Bev,

Today I can't attend.

I'm available for tomorrow at any time, and also for next Monday at 4PM.

Kind regards


El 21/09/2020 a las 9:08, Bev Backmayer escribió:
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Hi everyone,


We have a meeting scheduled today at 16 CET or 15 UK  time.


I would like to hold the meeting in case we have urgent items to discuss.  Additionally I would like to schedule a meeting for next Monday at 4PM as a wrap up to the event and invite Araz and others.

Lastly,  Prague would like to meet tomorrow currently unspecified time.  I am still waiting for the answer.


Can you please let me know if you can attend today.  If you have topics or if we should give you the time back.




Ms. Dr. Nuria Castell Ariño

Natural Language Processing Group
IDEAI Research Center
Departament CS
UPC - Campus Nord
Jordi Girona Salgado, 1-3
08034 Barcelona

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