Dear Bara,

I find this project very exciting. One of my goals was to establish a network Europe-wide to disseminate such information. I know that ACM-W Europe is still working on this. We also as ACM will help widely with the dissemination globally.

However, I am very confident that womENcourage events have been very effective to raise awareness and bring together wonderful people in Europe, now who are taking the flag to continue towards the goals.

This could not be possible if BEV had not jumped in when she saw the one page little flyer of ACM-W Europe. Without her support it would not be possible to deal with all the challenges of the first event. Thanks so much Bev! I miss so much working with you!


On 20.10.2020 19:22, Bara Buhnova wrote:
[log in to unmask]"> Thanks a lot, Bev,

Great, it would be great to have you in the COST Action. Today, I met Reyyan in the COST Action meeting, it was nice to meet you this way, Reyyan :). We were both elected into leadership roles within the Management Committee (I will be leading Working Group 1, Reyyan will be overseeing travels to conferences). Now the chair (Letizia) and co-chair (Cristina) need to decide on the strategy of including new members of the Action - you can find contacts for both at|Name:management-committee (just find the first name on the page and click on it) if you wanted to contact them directly.

I will definitely be searching for synergies between the COST Action network and womENcourage 2021. Let's see. We can brainstorm about some ideas together.

Have a lovely day,

On 20.10.2020 17:27, Bev Bachmayer wrote:
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Hi Bara,

Thanks so much for the response and for the information about COST Action.  It looks like a very interesting initiative,  I am interested to participate.

Additionally, I have filled the doodle poll and am looking forward to our meeting in the near future.


On Tue, 20 Oct 2020 at 08:01, Bara Buhnova <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear Bev et al.,

Thank you very much for the information. We will keep this in mind and do our best to balance local and international co-chairs. We can discuss our proposal in the next meeting, hopefully we are successful to a satisfactory level.

Here is the doodle with the monthly meeting options. We include Thursdays and Fridays 9 am - 5 pm CET (with the first meeting happening next week or the week after) and will hopefully find a time slot that could work for most of us in a regular fashion:

Btw, I am only responding today, because I spent the day yesterday in the first management committee meeting of a new COST Action, which could be of your interest too - we have there 37 European countries participating in knowledge exchange on the topic "European Network For Gender Balance in Informatics" and time span October 2020 - October 2024. I am happy to share more information with you if you are interested, or you can see

Looking forward to seeing you soon :)

Bara and Olga
wonENcourage 2021 Conference Chairs

On 19.10.2020 18:35, Bev Bachmayer wrote:
Hi Bara and Olga,  

We had our meeting today and want to let you know that we really like your proposal for the Theme,  The committee approved it.

Additionally,  I wanted to point out that each co-chair position should have a local co-chair and an international co-chair.  Additionally many will have advisors from the steering committee that they can call upon.  We do have contacts from around Europe who might consider joining the team if you need help identifying people,  additionally we will need the email address of every person in the list so that we can add them to the list-serv mailing list.

Dorota will work with Alexandra to get the contacts for Marek,  he should expect an email in a few days.

Lastly,  we are waiting for the doodle to set up the monthly meetings,  looking forward to discussing with you.

Bev Bachmayer
womENcourage Steering Committee Chair

On Thu, 15 Oct 2020 at 12:19, Bara Buhnova <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear ACM-W SC,

The preparations of womENcourage 2021 are on its way and it is a truly exciting journey. We have a couple of points to bring to your hands for your next SC meeting:

1. Conference Chairs
We are happy to announce that Olga (Olga Maximova) and I (Barbora Buhnova) will serve as the conference chairs. You have our email contacts in the CC, my ACM membership number is 8940879. These emails work as google identities, so please use them to give us edit access to the ACM womENcourage 2021 google drive folder so that we can populate it with our organization information (if we understand correctly that you prefer all our organization happening there), i.e.:

2. Organizing Committee
Once we have access to the folder, we will move there also the list of our organizing committee roles and members. You can find the current copy attached, so far avoiding the surnames and contacts of the candidates due to the control over the privacy of this information.

3. Theme
We propose the theme of the celebration to be “Bridging communities to foster innovation”, because that is something which we (Czechitas) are strong in. Please let us know if you agree.

4. Website and logo
The logo and the website are being designed now. Soon we will share with you how we envision it. Regarding the website, the responsible person on our side is Marek Sedlak (also in CC). Could you please pair Marek with the past website chair or a person in the SC responsible for the website, so that they can synchronize on the expected content and technical details? Thanks a lot!

5. Monthly meetings
We would like to find the day and time of our monthly meetings and plan the first one. We have a number of points that we would like to discuss in the first meeting with you (we will populate them in a document in google drive folder once we have edit access). We propose the monthly meetings to be on Fridays (once a month) if we are able to find a timeslot fitting you, the SC. We are flexible with time, could you please tell us what time slots are possible on Fridays for you?

6. Communication
Which email(s) shall we use to send these monthly reports and communicate with the SC? I now use the emails I have from our previous conversation, but likely there is a better way - an SC mailing list? Or just the chair of the SC? A dedicated person on your side?

Thank you very much for your support!

Bara and Olga
womENcourage 2021 Conference Chairs

V říjnu kóduje celý svět. Kóduj s dětmi taky!

V říjnu kóduje celý svět. Kóduj s dětmi taky!

V říjnu kóduje celý svět. Kóduj s dětmi taky!