Call for Participation.

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Join us @ 1st Workshop on Action Modelling for Interaction and Analysis in
Smart Sports and Physical Education (MAIStroPE)

The workshop is held in conjunction with the
<> 22nd ACM International
Conference on Multimodal Interaction  intends to bring together the research
in Machine Learning, Interactive Technology and Sports & Movement Science to
propose multimodal and interactive systems which can be utilized by
coaches/trainers and players during their routine training sessions to
analyse performance and provide real time interactive feedback.

We invite you all to join us at the workshop on 29th of October 2020, 16:30
(CEST) virtually over Zoom.

To register Please visit:

The up to date Workshop Agenda can be found at:

Workshop Agenda

29-October-2020 at 16:30 CEST (Virtually over Zoom) in Conjunction with
<> ICMI 2020.

For Registration Please visit
<> ICMI registration page

Introductory Remarks

First Keynote

Prof Joost Kok (University of Twente).

Paper Presentations (1st Session)

1.	Scalable infrastructure for Efficient, Real-time,
Privacy-preserving Sports Analytics.
2.	Autonomous and Remote Controlled Humanoid Robot for fitness training

Short Break

Second Keynote

Paper Presentations (2nd Session)

1.	Physical Exercise Form Correction Using Neural Networks
2.	Climbing Activity Recognition and Measurement with Sensor Data

Closing Remarks