Dear PODC community,

the new distributed computing column is now available online [1].

In this issue of the distributed computing column, Alex Auvolat, Davide Frey,
Michel Raynal, and François Taïani revisit the basic problem of how to reliably
transfer money. Interestingly, the authors show that a simple algorithm is sufficient
to solve this problem, even in the presence of Byzantine processes.

This column further includes a summary of the PODC/DISC conference models
proposed by the task force commissioned at the PODC 2020 business meeting, and
presents and discusses the survey results.

I would like to thank Alex and his co-authors as well as the PODC/DISC task
force for their contribution to the EATCS Bulletin. Special thanks go to everyone
who contributed to the conference model survey, also at the PODC business meeting
and via Zulip.

Enjoy the new distributed computing column!



Money Transfer Made Simple: a Specification, a Generic Algorithm, and its Proof
Alex Auvolat, Davide Frey, Michel Raynal, François Taïani

Quo VaDISC? Outcomes of the PODC/DISC Conference Model Survey
Stefan Schmid


Stefan Schmid

Professor, Computer Science

University of Vienna, Austria

Research Group