Dear members of the distributed computing community,

The CORE ranking provides a classification of conferences in computer science, see: <>. PODC and DISC are currently being re-evaluated and are facing the danger of being downgraded, which could have a negative academic impact on the members of our community. To support keeping PODC and DISC's high rankings, we are preparing a submission containing evidence as to the achievements of researchers in our community. We are asking the senior members of our community to provide information that we can use in order to exemplify that the current rankings are appropriate.

If you are a senior member of the community, we kindly ask for five minutes of your time to help us collect the required information. Please use:

Best regards,

Keren Censor-Hillel
Yuval Emek
Alan Fekete
Seth Gilbert
Andrea Richa
Jeniffer Welch

(Current PODC and DISC SC and PC chairs, and volunteers)