Dear womENcourage SC,

Thank you very much for the meeting today. Here is the link to the email aliases that is ready to be shared with ACM:

And we also invite you to the next womENcourage monthly meeting, which is on *** January 22, 3pm CET ***

Here is the link to join the meeting:

Merry Christmas :)
Bara and Olga

On 17.12.2020 12:10, Bara Buhnova wrote:
[log in to unmask]"> Dear womENcourage SC,

We are looking forward to seeing you again at our montly meeting - tomorrow, Friday 18th at 3pm CET.

Here is the connection link:

This time, we do not have specific questions to ask upfront, we just want to share our progress with you and give you space for questions or suggestions. And Dorota suggested we could chat a bit about the Hackathon.

See you tomorrow,
Bara and Olga

On 14.12.2020 17:32, Bara Buhnova wrote:
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Dear womENcourage SC,

The womENcourage 2021 team is nicely set up and getting up to speed in pushing the conference organization forward. All parts of the organization are running smoothly. Find below the summary of actions that are keeping us busy at the moment.

  1. Website We are adding content to our website in order to launch it soon. We would like to do so on/before the 4th January 2021. We will email you as soon as it happens. If you wanted to check the website structure before, you can find it in the website structure document.

  2. Publicity Over the past weeks, we have had numerous meetings with inspiring women in the community to promote the conference. There also had been some insightful brainstorming on how to connect the conference with the COST Action that Bara is participating in.

  3. Program team All program chairs are now working on the content for the website and approaching their evaluation committees.

  4. Budget 

We have three budget versions to reflect three event possibilities - offline event, online event or a hybrid form, the latter being the most likely at the moment. We will share the budget with you soon. 


  1. Supporters 

Thanks to Bev who has been advising our Supporters Chairs and has helped them to prepare the Supporters prospectus draft. As the budget has been finalised, we will adjust the supporters packages according to the levels used in previous years. We are having meetings with Czechitas strategic partners in the coming days in order to introduce various opportunities to support the conference.


  1. Local Arrangements

This month we also visited the conference venue to ensure it is in line with the recommendations, requirements and expectations. 

  1. Next call

We are looking forward to our next call, Friday 18th at 3pm CET.

The same summary is again also at (this document will be used for meeting minutes of our Friday meeting).

Thank you very much for your support.

Bara and Olga

womENcourage 2021 Conference Chairs

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