I won’t be able to meet today as I couldn’t move the meetings I had already planned. In any case my main concerns about the 2021 agenda are two

1. the schedule seems a bit dense considering that the event will be online and the capability to attend multiple sessions in the same day in online events is not exactly the same than in on-site events (at least in my experience after more than one year)

2. we need to give enough attention to posters as this is a key activity for many grad and posgrad students who find there an opportunity to share their work for the very first time and in a very supportive context. I’m not very kin of putting them in parallel sessions where they lose visibility, again it wouldn’t be like that in an on-site event

Sorry but I didn’t have this meeting in my agenda till Monday and I did my best to arrange .  already added all the other monthly meetings 

Prof. Dr. Paloma Diaz
Dean of the Engineering School

Full Prof./Catedrática
Computer Science and Engineering Department

Director of the Interactive Systems Research Group (DEI-Lab)
Director of the UC3M-Telefónica Chair on Women&Technology
Director of the UC3M-ILE-CFE Master on Educational Technology

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 
Avda de la Universidad 30, 28911 Leganes, Madrid (Spain)

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tel: (+34) 916 249 456

> El 23 abr 2021, a las 10:34, Bara Buhnova <[log in to unmask]> escribió:
> Dear Steering Committee,
> Warm welcome to the new members from me as well :). This is a kind reminder that I am looking forward to meeting you today at 3pm CEST (those of you who will be available). The organization is running very smoothly so far (thanks to the whole team!)
> April monthly meeting, April 23rd 3pm CEST on Zoom
> https://zoom.us/j/91384273184?pwd=a0tXZStXYkdoaGkrRXU3TFlDRm1idz09 <https://zoom.us/j/91384273184?pwd=a0tXZStXYkdoaGkrRXU3TFlDRm1idz09> 
> The agenda of the meeting is on the bottom of our April reporting file
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/17DRiZktAqoML-i70jkbqO_nNixAubj7EMKuyj5oR_5U/edit?usp=sharing <https://docs.google.com/document/d/17DRiZktAqoML-i70jkbqO_nNixAubj7EMKuyj5oR_5U/edit?usp=sharing>
> See you soon :)
> Bara
> On behalf of womENcourage 2021 chairs
> On 15.04.2021 19:26, Bara Buhnova wrote:
>> Dear womENcourage SC,
>> We hope you are safe and healthy, enjoying some Spring days.
>> We are sending a short report on our womENcourage 2021 conference preparations. The three key aspects of the past month (besides all others) were:
>> Publicity
>> Distributing the call for posters, workshops and tutorials
>> We are receiving very nice feedback on the publicity, publicity material is in our Publicity folder <https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1DnzOq-qAE2wXOOFZuKljSefjV7SBf_cU>
>> Virtualization
>> Slack available before and after the conference
>> Conference platform - discussed in cooperation with our agency
>> Program
>> Updated to reflect the specifics of the virtual conference
>> Available at the website <https://womencourage.acm.org/2021/program/>
>> The details of organizing the program and virtualization platform are presented in the video of a recent meeting of the organizing committee, please watch it if you are interested to learn about the details of the program and the virtualization: here  <https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19Zofgs1057TK54ZZNZPayXRe3ea1MCTZ?usp=sharing>
>> Next call
>> April monthly meeting is on April 23rd on Zoom
>> https://zoom.us/j/91384273184?pwd=a0tXZStXYkdoaGkrRXU3TFlDRm1idz09 <https://zoom.us/j/91384273184?pwd=a0tXZStXYkdoaGkrRXU3TFlDRm1idz09> 
>> Points to discuss
>> ACM approval form
>> Opening registration - CVENT installation, registration form, code for free registrations
>> Role of an Evaluation chair, what is expected from the Evaluations person?
>> Your questions to the program and the virtualization
>> Feel free to add your comments in the report file https://docs.google.com/document/d/17DRiZktAqoML-i70jkbqO_nNixAubj7EMKuyj5oR_5U/edit?usp=sharing <https://docs.google.com/document/d/17DRiZktAqoML-i70jkbqO_nNixAubj7EMKuyj5oR_5U/edit?usp=sharing> 
>> Thank you very much for your support.
>> Bara and Olga
>> womENcourage 2021 Conference Chairs
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