Dear all,

at the University of Vienna (15 faculties, 3 centers, about 188 fields
of study, approx. 9.400 members of staff, more than 90.000 students) 
the positions of a

* PhD student
* post-doctoral researcher

in the research group "Theory and Applications of Algorithms" 
(Univ.-Prof. Dr. Monika Henzinger)

are vacant.

We are looking for two highly motivated and bright applicants with a
strong expertise and interest in graph and network algorithms in
particular, and in theoretical computer science in general, to join our
team around our project on "Fast Algorithms for a Reactive Network
Layer" funded by the Austrian Science Foundation.

Traditionally and still today, communication networks are operated in a
rather static and conservative manner. This has good reasons:
communication networks constitute a critical infrastructure of our
digital society, and dynamic optimizations always come with risks of
instabilities or even outages. However, it is also known that in
principle a more dynamic network operation can greatly improve the
efficiency of networks: empirical studies show that communication
traffic contains much structure, i.e., it is bursty and skewed. More
dynamic network operations are also useful to support adaptive policy
changes, service relocations, or emerging "self-driving networks". This
project is motivated by the desire to leverage the benefits of more
flexible network operations but without sacrificing the reliability
guarantees of more conservative operations. In fact, we believe that a
more adaptive network operation can even improve the dependability of a

We aim to lay the theoretical and algorithmic foundations of more
adaptive networks, using algorithmic tools from dynamic graph
algorithms, approximation algorithms, online algorithms and distributed
algorithms. In addition to our theoretical contributions, we also aim to
show the practical importance of our approaches (possibly in
collaboration with an Internet Service Provider).

The project is a collaboration between the research groups "Theory and
Applications of Algorithms", led by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Monika Henzinger,
and "Data Communications and Networking", led by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan
Schmid at TU Berlin. Both research groups are internationally well-known
and received ERC grants in the past.

*Extent of Employment: *30.0 hours/week for the PhD student and 40.0
hours/week for the Postdoctorial researcher


Stefan Schmid

Professor, Computer Science

University of Vienna, Austria

Research Group


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