Hello Bev and all,

I cannot join the meeting today, I'll be following meeting notes. Here are my notes for today's meetings.

For the question that came from Bara about FB, I can help with that, I think you have the password right, Bev? If you share it with me, I can make the posts.

Updates about the scholarship: The scholarship is on review, there are 26 submissions. I am in touch with scholarship chairs.
Updates about the registration:  SC can register with WCSC2021 code now. We have 16 registration so far.

  1. Çiğdem asked if we are going to extend the 2023 call announcement. If yes, she wants us to let her know about it for the newsletter and website. 
  2. Are we going to give free tickets to Executive Committee members? I think it'll be nice :)

On Mon, Jun 21, 2021 at 11:47 AM "M. Paloma Díaz Pérez" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Good morning
I have a course till 14 so I’m not sure I’ll be able to join. In any case I share with you some thoughts

At this point no one has submitted an expression of interest for 2023, therefore we will need to start reaching out to people for submissions.  Think about where we might want to have the event considering we are in Prague this year and Cyprus next year.

The head of my department was interested but I think she didn’t have time to prepare the proposal. If you consider it as an option (though I know the event has already been held in Spain) let me know and I will push her

Additionally,  we received the report from Prague, please review it and let's discuss responses to their questions.

I got in touch with the poster chairs and then with Bara to discuss the format of the poster presentations. I’m a bit worried about the round tables. Though a good idea, round tables can be more suited for experienced people since they might put a lot of stress for students who have not participated in any other conference or event before (also the idea is not exactly describing their work but participating in an interactive discussion). I remember that in Rome we have one student with a panic attack who couldn’t go for her 1mn presentation in the auditory.
I also proposed to have a very short video teaser per poster so we can distribute them through social networks before the event.

I’ll try to connect and if not I will catch up with your conclusions

Looking forward to speaking to everyone tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your weekend. 




Dr. Rukiye ALTIN
METU DFS - ICT Teacher