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International Conference on Digital Health Technologies (ICDHT 2021)


December 20-22, 2021

Hammamet, Tunisia

 ICDHT will offer a comprehensive technical program addressing all the latest developments in research and technology for digital health with its clinical and technical perspectives.

The conference will be focused on future P4 medicine (predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory) through information technology tools. 

It will feature world-class speakers, oral and poster sessions, panels and plenaries. It is expected to attract many leading researchers and industry figures from Europe, the african region, middle-east and all over the world.  It will also provide engineers and researchers with an opportunity to interact and share their experiences in industry and technology applications.

Main topics:

·          Artificial intelligence for health

·         Machine learning, deep learning

·         Knowledge extraction

·         Decision-aid systems

·         Data analysis and risk prediction

·          Health Data Processing

·         Data preprocessing, cleansing, management and mining

·         Computer-aided detection, hypothesis generation and diagnosis

·         Large-scale data processing

·         Big data analysis, prediction and prevention

·         Medical Image/video processing and computer vision

·         Cognitive algorithms for healthcare handling dynamic context management

·         Augmented reality, Motion detection and activity recognition

·         Devices, Infrastructure & Communication

·         Wearable & connected devices

·         Communication infrastructures, architectures, standards and protocols for e-Health

·         Blockchain for e-Health

·         Computing/storage infrastructures for e-Health

·         Biosensors at the micro/nano-scale

·         Body area networking and cloud-integrated networking

·         IoT devices & architectures for Smart Healthcare

·          Health Information Systems

·         Telemedicine

·         Teleservices

·         Computing/storage infrastructures for e-Health

·         Clinical Data Visualisation Standards

·         Healthcare Information systems

·          Security & privacy in e-health

·         Health data Analytics for Security and Privacy

·         E-health Software and Hardware Security

·         Embedded Security for e-health

·          Applications

·         E-Health services/applications for chromic & serious diseases

·         E-Health services/applications for elderly people

·         E-Health services/applications for public health

·         E-Health services/applications for rural areas

·         Security, privacy and trust for e-Health services/applications

 Industry and Innovation

·         Innovations in e-health

·         Start-up experience   

Assistant at Higher Institute of Computer Science and Multimedia Sfax
MIRACL Multimedia, InfoRmation Systems and Advanced Computing Laboratory
Higher Institute of Computer science and Multimedia of Sfax, Tunisia


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