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The Computing Research and Education Association of Australia (CORE) ranks conferences and journals in computer science.  DISC (as well as PODC) was up for review at the end of 2020, and thanks to the efforts of the entire community in providing data, DISC kept its A-ranking. The report can be found here:


We had actually applied for an A*-ranking for DISC, matching the ranking of PODC, knowing that it would be hard to get CORE to rank two conferences in distributed computing (whose community is not that large) as their flagship conferences. Considering the comparative studies with other A*-ranked conferences (done as part of the CORE application), DISC was not far off though, so hopefully as we re-structure and better coordinate the two conferences, we may be able to also bring DISC to A*.

I'd like to especially thank Jennifer Welch and Jukka Suomela for their assistance in preparing the materials.



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