Do you have a PhD, research or coding experience, or are you a self-taught guru technologist in the area of High-Performance Computing, Cryptology, Distributed Databases, Distributed Systems or Distributed Computing? Do you want to design, code and co-invent the next generation of Distributed Systems protocols? 

At QPQ, we are building the Internet of Economics, a new approach to a compliant and regulated financial systems infrastructure. Titles, publications, direct experience or knowledge are excellent things to have, but we really value integrity, intelligence, industry, ingenuity, inquisitiveness and the capacity and will to think laterally. We want to see applicants who can use the knowledge gained in other disciplines and lateral thinking to challenge the orthodoxies of prior solutions.   

Join a team of mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers and self-taught individuals. 

What do we give you? 

Apply with a CV, a video, or anything that will showcase your abilities at QPQ opportunities [[log in to unmask]].