Hello all,

PODC 2021, 40th ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing, will be held virtually on July 26-30, 2021: https://www.podc.org/

The list of accepted papers is available online: https://www.podc.org/podc2021/list-of-accepted-papers/

Conference registration is now open at https://podc.org/data/podc2021/registration.html. If the link does not work, head on over to https://www.podc.org/ and you will find a working link.

The conference program appears at https://www.podc.org/podc2021/program/ and its highlights include:

- Keynote talks by Cynthia Dwork and Kyle Kingsbury:

- Gem sessions by Laurent Feuilloley and Naama Ben-David. To see a short description of what Gem sessions are, look here: https://www.podc.org/podc2021/conference-format/

- Nine technical paper sessions.

- Several events meant to encourage community interaction and professional development are planned: AMAs (Ask-Me-Anything), MoPS (Meet-other-Postdocs-and-Students) sessions, Junior-Senior meetings.

- The 2021 Principles of Distributed Computing Doctoral Dissertation Award.

Three workshops are organized in cooperation with PODC 2021:

- Workshop on Advanced Tools, Programming Languages, and Platforms for Implementing and Evaluating Algorithms for Distributed Systems (ApPLIED)
Organizers: Chryssis Georgiou, Y. Annie Liu, Miguel Matos, and Elad Schiller
Website: http://www.cse.chalmers.se/~elad/ApPLIED2021/

- Biological Distributed Algorithms (BDA)
Organizers: Yuval Emek and Saket Navlakha
Website: https://www.navlakhalab.net/BDA/2021/

- Distributed Algorithms on Realistic Network Models (DARe)
Organizers: Saeed Akhoondian Amiri, Laurent Feuilloley, Sebastian Siebertz, and Alexandre Vigny
Website: https://podc-dare.github.io/

Three tutorials are organized in cooperation with PODC 2021:

- Byzantine Agreement and Leader Election: From Classical to the Modern
by John Augustine, Anisur Rahaman Molla, and Gopal Pandurangan

- Security and Privacy for Distributed Optimization & Distributed Machine Learning
by Nitin Vaidya

- Interaction-Oriented Programming: An Application Semantics Approach for Engineering Decentralized Applications
by Amit Chopra, Samuel Christie, and Munindar P. Singh

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See you online in July!

William K. Moses Jr.
Publicity Chair, PODC 2021