Dear Steering Committee,
Please find below our last report before the conference. You can find it in
our shared folder
as usual.

Thank you,
Olga and Bara
Monthly reporting and meeting - September 2021

womENcourage 2021

September 15, 2021 Czechitas reporting to ACM


Dear womENcourage SC,

Only a week before the grand finale and so please see below the latest
updates regarding the event.



   We are in close interaction with all the invited speakers (20+), holding
   speaker briefing sessions, technical check sessions, connecting panelists
   with moderators, connecting keynote speakers with chairs

   We have tuned the details of the program (minute by minute choreography
   of sessions, opening and closing remarks)

   We have prepared slides for the opening, closing, welcome to each day,
   wrap-up of each day

   We have imported the program in the virtualization platform



   We have collected 1minute video invitations to posters by poster authors

   We have imported the poster information in the virtualization platform

Workshops and Tutorials


   We have re-opened the contact with all workshop presenters to make sure
   they are aware of the times of their sessions and have links to the
   sessions in case they want to invite co-presenters

   We have checked the numbers of registered attendees of each workshop and
   tutorial, so that we can boost the publicity of those that still have some
   free seats

Career Fair


   We have collected the information needed to populate partner booths with
   information and hold partner briefing to explain how to fill and use the

   We have collected short videos from the partners to play them on the
   main stage as an invitation to the career fair



   We have formed the teams from the participants registered to the
   hackathon, found mentors, nominated jury members, finalizing hackathon

   We have a hackathon sponsor candidate, the communication is ongoing on

Scholarship and student volunteers


   Scholarship recipients are in touch with the student volunteers chair
   regarding their involvement at the conference

   All student volunteers are now assigned a specific role. Each session is
   covered with student volunteers assistance, we have student volunteers
   helping with responding at conference helpdesk, helping with filling the
   platform, and with publicity.

Local Arrangements and engagement


   The local arrangements team is responsible for attendees engagement
   during the conference. They have created an engagement plan, which includes
   some activation on slack, and funny polls and gathering of interesting
   information along the conference (e.g. if there was an interesting virtual
   background somebody used, etc.)

   They have created a Kahoot that will be used to open the networking

   On Sept 17, there will be a complimentary pre-conference workshop on
   “How to get the best out of any conference” organized by us, to encourage
   the participants to start thinking about what they want to bring home from
   this conference :)



   Besides regular publicity, we are inviting guests to the conference, to
   reach people who we want to learn about womENcourage conference. At this
   point, the goal is not anymore to raise money on registration fees, but to
   increase the participation.

   We have created promo video and we are creating video loops that will be
   played during the conference.



   A new confirmed gold supporter is Czech Tourism.

Registration and Virtualization


   We are working very closely with the company providing the
   virtualization platform to configure everything for the conference. We are
   meeting twice a week to make sure we know of all corner cases.

   The platform is filled with content, with still some minor additions and

   We have created separate documents with instructions for participants,
   instructions for speakers and instructions for companies.



   Evaluation survey is ready and will be posted to Slack space towards the
   end of each day. We will be bringing it to participants' attention
   throughout the conference.

   Supporters chairs are working on an evaluation survey that will be sent
   out to our supporters.

Next meeting

Our post conference meeting is taking place on 8 October 2021 at 4.30 CEST

Thank you very much for your support.

Bara and Olga

womENcourage 2021 Conference Chairs


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