ICDCN 2022 - Call for Student Mobile App Competition

International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN) 2022 announces a competitive program for developing interactive and ingenious mobile applications in one of the following two broad themes:

The primary motive is to recognize the innovative ideas that can leverage mobile technology, in conjunction with networking, computing and analytics, to have socially impactful solutions that take into account regional and social factors. The participants are free to incorporate any system architecture, including stand-alone, peer to peer, Cloud/mobile, client-server, etc. Participants can build their mobile application using any smartphone platform including, native Android and iOS, mobile web app, etc..

Participants should submit a proposal to the competition as described below. App proposals that are shortlisted will have the opportunity to make a brief presentation at the ICDCN 2022 conference. The conference will select one or more Apps for awards by a panel of judges, and the winning teams will be awarded a certificate and a cash prize.

Submission Guidelines:

Participants should submit (1) a two-page proposal in PDF format, (2) a link to a brief video 2- 5mins long uploaded to YouTube, (3) a link to an App Store, GitHub repository or website from where the app can be downloaded and evaluated, and (4) optionally a link to the source code for the lab and relevant services.

If the application requires backend server support, the services must be working at the time of evaluation. The proposal should have the following details:

Application Name:

Concise name of the App and Proposal Title


Author(s) name, institution, email address


The proposal should clearly describe:

  • The problem being solved by the developed application

  • Motivation for the problem, target audience and its social impact

  • Technical details about the architecture and platform, justification of the soundness of the design

  • Related work on similar technical approaches and other similar apps in the market, and the novelty of the proposed app and design

  • Functionality enabled by the application, with a walk through of the application working to complement the video

  • Link to the 2-5min YouTube video, installation link to the app, and optionally a link to the source code.

  • Discussion of how the features of the app will solve the problem for your target audience

Rules and Eligibility:

Selection criteria:

(To be declared soon)

Important dates (tentative):

Submission Deadline: September 15 , 2021

Notification of Decision: October 15, 2021

Camera ready version of Proposal: October 19, 2021

Final Presentation at Conference: January 07, 2022

Submission site:https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icdcn2022 


(To be declared on January 07, 2022)


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