AI4Media Open Call #1 for up to €50,000 in funding
Who can apply: SMEs, entrepreneurs, & researchers
Topics: AI and Media sectors
More information https://www.ai4media.eu/open-call-1/

The AI4Media project has €500,000 to fund 10 projects to deliver
innovative research and application solutions in the AI and Media
domains. Submissions to the AI4Media – Open Call #1 are open starting
1 September 2021 and run until 1 December 2021 (17h00 CEST). Do not
miss the opportunity!

AI4Media, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and
innovation programme, aims to become a Centre of Excellence by
engaging a wide network of researchers across Europe and beyond,
focusing on delivering the next generation of core AI advances and
training to serve the Media sector, while ensuring that the European
values of ethical and trustworthy AI are embedded in future AI

The AI4Media – Open Call #1 invites single entities, including
entrepreneurs, SMEs, researchers, and research organisations to submit
project proposals for the development of innovative research and
application solutions to advance the AI and Media domains.
Proposals can target either the Research or Application track and must
address one of the defined open call challenges. The objective is to
engage entities that develop and integrate applied research, speed up
the uptake of research and innovations developed within the network,
and generate contributions to the enrichment of the pool of research
and technology tools of the AI4Media platform.

The AI4Media – Open Call #1 offers awarded projects with equity-free
funding and tailored support, namely:
- Equity-free funding: Up to €50.000 per project.
- Market-driven services: dedicated boot camps and online events to
support market take-up of developed applications.
- Business support: Business support to promote SME’s innovations and
demonstrate technologies to cluster organisations and media
- Research coaching: Research-focused projects will be allocated a
coach to support the promotion of the research developed and
integration in the AI4Media network.
- Visibility and promotion: major visibility, promotion and networking
opportunities are offered as part of the AI4Media project and related

To apply, you must first be registered on F6S to submit your proposal.
Visit the AI4Media website to access all information about the open
call, including guidelines, the challenge descriptions, evaluation
procedures, and other details. You will also access a set of templates
that are required to submit along with your proposal. The proposal
must be submitted on F6S by 1 December 2021 (17h00 CET).

All proposals submitted will be verified, evaluated, and contacted
with their result. Awarded proposals will enter into an agreement with
AI4Media. Two online information webinars will be implemented during
the open call, on 30 September 2021 and 10 November 2021, both at
14h00 CET. Visit the AI4Media website for additional details.

Awarded projects will implement their projects over the course of 9
months (Application projects) or 12 months (Research projects) divided
into three stages. AI4Media will monitor and support the projects in
each of these stages.

Apply now to the AI4Media – Open Call #1, running from 1 September
2021 to 1 December 2021: https://www.f6s.com/ai4mediaopencall1/apply.
For more information, please visit AI4Media at
https://www.ai4media.eu/open-call-1/, follow us on Twitter, Facebook,
LinkedIn, and YouTube, or reach out to [log in to unmask]
Join us and take part in the #AI and #media revolution.

On behalf of the organizers,
Bogdan Ionescu



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