10th Workshop on Advances in Distributed Graph Algorithms (ADGA 2021)
October 4, 2021. Hybrid event (Freiburg (Germany) and virtual).

The 10th Workshop on Advances in Distributed Graph Algorithms (ADGA 2021) will take place as a hybrid event on Monday, October 4th, 2021, co-located with DISC 2021. It will be possible to attend ADGA 2021 either as an online conference via Zoom or as a physical event at the University of Freiburg, Germany. For information about the registration, please visit http://www.disc-conference.org/wp/disc2021/registration.

The ADGA workshop series focuses on the theoretical foundations of distributed graph algorithms. All presentations in the ADGA workshops are invited talks that cover current topics in this research area. The talks are designed to cover general aspects of a research topic rather than to present a particular new result. Such aspects include the advances achieved in the topic, the main remaining objectives, the technical obstacles, etc.

ADGA 2021 will start at 3pm (CEST) and end at around 7:15pm. The exact schedule as well as speaker information and abstracts can be found on the website http://adga.hiit.fi/2021 soon.

For any questions related to ADGA 2021, please do not hesitate to send an email to Sebastian Brandt ([log in to unmask]).

Invited Speakers and Talks

Alkida Balliu (University of Freiburg): The Ubiquity of Δ-Coloring
Anton Bernshteyn (Georgia Institute of Technology): Distributed Algorithms and Descriptive Combinatorics
Peter Davies (University of Surrey): LOCAL and Low-Space MPC: A Bridge Between Distributed and Parallel Computing
Laurent Feuilloley (University of Lyon 1): Local Certification of Graph Classes
Krzysztof Nowicki (BARC, University of Copenhagen): Spanning Trees and Small Cuts in Congested Clique
Goran Zuzic (ETH Zurich): An Overview of Universally-Optimal Distributed Algorithms

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