Symposium on Solutions for Smart Cities Challenges (SSCC 2021)

Gandia, Spain. December 6-9, 2021 (Hybrid)


Internet of Things (IoT) is used to collect and exchange massive data. This technology promises an immense potential for improving the quality of life, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, etc. The use of the IoT in smart buildings has a great importance and promising outcomes with a direct impact on our society. Researchers and industrial partners have achieved several applications where they have leveraged various enabling technologies for service enhancement. Many sectors in a smart city can benefit from an enhanced data collection and effective data analysis process done on the data gathered from these smart building devices that mainly consist of HVAC systems. However, the incremental number of connected IoT devices request a scalable and robust network. Consequently, it rises the attack surfaces of devices as well as their connections, which make them more exposed to internal and external attacks. In this context, the challenging issue is how constructing a secure IoT network and preserving its resiliency.   


SSCC2021 invites submissions discussing the employment of smart solutions and approaches in smart cities. Topics of either theoretical, empirical or applied interest include, but are not limited to: 


Safety, Security, and Resilience 

·         Smart networks for smart cities

·         Security management in smart cities 

·         Security in distributed systems

·         Modeling, analysis and detection of IoT attacks

·         Data mining for cybersecurity in smart cities 

·         Decentralized architecture for smart cities

·         Consensus protocols and applications


IoT & AI 

·         IoT Indoor deployment

·         IoT communication protocols

·         Building information modeling (BIM) IoT-based HVAC control in smart buildings

·         Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Physical Energy Systems

·         Optimization for IoT and smart cities

·         Dynamic scheduling for IoT deployment

·         Autonomous and Smart decisions 


Edge and Cloud  

·         Cloud-Edge for IoT and smart cities

·         Fog and Edge computing for smart cities

·         Applications/services for Edge AI

·         Software Platforms for Edge


Social aspects and applications  

·         Behavioral and Energy Consumption Analytics

·         Indoor comfort

·         Human factors and organizational resilience for distributed systems


Important Dates 

·         Paper Submission Date: 31 October, 2021

·         Notification to Authors: 15 November, 2021

·         Camera Ready Submission: 21 November 2021


Submission System


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