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Do you have a PhD, research or coding experience, or are you a self-learned guru technologist in the area of HPC, Distributed Databases, Distributed Systems or Distributed Computing? Do you want to design, code and co-invent the next generation of Distributed Systems protocols? 


At QPQ we are building the Internet of Economics, a new technological approach to a complaint and regulated financial systems infrastructure. Titles, publications, direct experience or knowledge matter to us to a certain level. Intelligence, integrity, curiosity and  the capacity and will to laterally think and use the knowledge that you have gained in nearby disciplines are what value most.  


Join a team of mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers and self learnt individuals. 


As a Distributed Systems / DLT Research Engineer in QPQ you thrive at the threshold of Research and Development, constantly bridging the gap between the generation of new ideas and their implementation. In your role you contribute to the creation of Research Assets, the generation of IPs and their protection, implement new distributed systems projects in various areas: consensus algorithms, communication protocols, trading mechanisms, DLT inter-operability, you enhance the technical eminence and visibility of QPQ, and you are a key contributor to products and customers’ engagement.  


What are we looking for?

In your professional experience or your academic education, you have acquired the skills and hands-on experience, including but not limited to: software engineering, distributed systems, algorithms and data structures, coding in cutting edge programming languages. 


What do we give you? 

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Minimum Qualifications: 


It would be great if you had: 


Location of work: 


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