SIGCSE 2022 Affiliated Event: Innovations and Opportunities in Liberal Arts Computing Education

This is a SIGCSE 2022 affiliated event organized by members of the SIGCSE Committee on Computing Education in Liberal Arts Colleges. Full details about this event including this Call for Participation and links to information about our 2020 and 2021 events are available at the SIGCSE 2022 Affiliated Event site.

The program committee invites submissions for the following sessions:

All submissions will be lightly screened by the program committee for suitability. All suitable submissions will be made available to the community through the Committee site and all authors of accepted submissions will receive an invitation to participate in the event.

We also welcome those that would like to attend and participate in this event, but do not have a submission for one of the above sessions. If you are interested in attending and participating without making a submission please e-mail Grant Braught ([log in to unmask]) or Amanda Holland-Minkley ([log in to unmask]) to express your interest.

We anticipate being able to invite everyone who expresses interest. However, in the unlikely event that our venue cannot accommodate everyone, attendees will be selected giving first priority to those submitting to one of the sessions and then by reviewing attendance applications to achieve representation from a broad range of institutions. All interested faculty and students are welcome.

All attendees, whether making a submission or not, must also be registered for the SIGCSE Technical Symposium. Apart from the required SIGCSE TS registration there will be no additional cost to participants for this event.

Important Dates

Submissions Due: Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Notification of acceptances: Friday, January 28, 2022
Optional Pre-Event Virtual Session: Early February 2022 (TBA)
Event Date: Wednesday, March 2, 2022, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM EST

Call for Participation

The program committee invites the two types of submissions shown below for sessions at the pre-symposium event. Participants are welcome to submit to both sessions or to make multiple submissions to a single session. Each submission type provides a template indicating the information requested in a submission. In addition a program committee contact for each type of submission is provided should questions arise. All submissions may be made through email or GitHub pull request following the process described in the Submission Process section below.

1.      Curricular Innovation Submissions:​ A brief (1 to 2-page) description of a curricular innovation that reflects a specifically liberal arts philosophy. This may include full curriculum models, individual courses, outreach programs, co-curricular programs, or other interdisciplinary or liberal-arts focused educational initiatives. Please see the template below and the samples. The program committee will select a sample for presentation during the event. Submissions describing innovations that leverage particular opportunities or challenges presented by the liberal arts context, show potential for adoption, or broadening participation are particularly encouraged.

2.      Unconference Topic Submissions: A brief (approximately 2-page) description of the topic proposed for discussion, intended format for the session, and desired outcomes or products. The Unconference session has been scheduled to run for three hours, with a half-hour break in the middle. Please see the template below and the samples. Submissions will be reviewed for their relevance to the intended audience as well as breadth of topic across the event as a whole. The program committee may recommend that some submitters merge topics if overlapping submissions are received.

Submission Process

Submissions may be made in one of two ways:

Post Event Reports

The Program Committee intends to collaborate with interested authors from each session to write event reports. These reports will be posted to this repository and may also be submitted to a peer reviewed venue for publication (e.g. SIGCSE Bulletin).

Tentative Event Agenda

The agenda below is tentative and will be further developed as submissions are reviewed.






Curricular Innovations panel




Curricular Innovations breakout sessions


Lunch break on your own


Unconference sessions




Unconference sessions


Optional business meeting


Optional dinner groups


Program Committee




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